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Look above! Add a CONTACT BAR on top of your website to get MORE LEADS.


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The bar is customized for each visitor


More calls & more emails guaranteed


20 data points for each lead

Happy Customers

"We installed ManyContacts on 20+ websites and improved the ROI of our Adwords campaigns by 200%!"
Emile Portenart,Co-Founder of the Web Agency Côté Clair
"532% increase of the email subscribers of my blog."
Jason Acidre,Marketer & Blogger
"A smart tool to boost the ROI of your Adwords® campaigns."
Rahul Patel,Conversion Specialist at Google®
"I installed ManyContacts in less than 2 minutes: since then I converted a total of 3.490 contacts from my website"
Javier Sanz,Marketer
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Why you should use ManyContacts ?

Your Contact Forms

Do you split your contact forms in 2 steps: ask the email first, so if a visitor abandon your contact form you already have their email ?

Fight Spams: do you know that you can avoid annoying 'Captcha' and place a 'Honey Trap' instead?

Do you place images in your contact form ? it bring a sense of trust and it converts better.

Data Incrementing

When a visitor contacts you: do you collect analytics to understand how they found you?

Do you take the time to do online research about your prospects? Do you geo-locate their IP to learn where your leads are located?

Do you search for your prospects on social media? you could learn a lot and it could help to qualify your leads.

Build trust and tests

Do you build trust with a personal message and a picture in your contact forms?

Do you A/B test your 'call to actions'?

Do you sync your Contact Forms with your CRM and your email software?

Sync with

Who uses ManyContacts?


Freelances use manycontacts to boost the conversion on their customer's websites. They synch Google Analytics accounts to track conversions of each ManyContact widget, they perform A/B testing and they add multiple emails recipients for each widget to make sure that the leads get attended.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses install ManyContacts on their website, they configure their address and phone numbers to make it easy for their website visitors to contact them. They collect implement and test their contact forms and receive automated informations for each new contact.


Agencies dramatically increase the ROI of their campaigns with ManyContacts. They manage hundreds of ManyContacts widgets - for all their clients - from one single account. They configure each widget so customers receive their leads on the spot. They perform A/B test measure the conversions.


Unlimited Bars & Unlimited Contacts

Drag to select the number of conversions
3,000 subscribers

For up to 3,000 subscribers you'll pay $49 per month.


Unlimited Bars & Unlimited Contacts

10.000+ USERS


Bloggers use it to grow their email list subscribers.

Adwords™ Agencies

Google Adwords™ Agencies use it to boost conversions (CRO).

Law Firms

Law Firms use it to get more calls.


Freelancers use it to grow their client base.

Digital Agency

Digital Agencies use it to improve Conversion Rates.


Plumbers use it to get more calls and more business.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers use it to increase leads.


Restaurants use it to get more reservations.

Car Dealers

Car dealers use it to sell more cars.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services use it to get more jobs.


Photographers use it to get more calls and more customers.

Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies use it to get more email requests.


Consulting companies use it to get more prospects.


Hotels use it to get more reservations.

Training Providers

Training Providers use it to get more students.


Electricians use it to get more calls and more customers.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts use it to get more bookings.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers use it to get new customers.

Fitness Clubs

Fitness Clubs use it to increase memberships.


eCommerce use it to get more subscribers to their newsletters.

Catering Business

Catering Businesses use it to get more business.

Event Planners

Event Planners use it to get more meeting requests.

Auto Repairs

Auto Repairs use it to get more customers.

Vacation Rental Service

Vacation Rental Services use it to get more reservations.


Accountants use it to get more business.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents use it to get more leads.


Contractors use it to get new Customers.

About us


The Founders

We are Jean and Juan, both passionate about Conversion Optimisation. We have joined forces to bring the most simple, yet powerful, conversion widget to help website’s owners get more calls, more email requests & more visits to their bricks and mortar shops.

Security & Privacy

We take security and privacy incredibly seriously. All the data collected by our users is 100% theirs. We never access user data nor will we ever use their data for our own purposes. We use SSL technology to securely process user data and passwords during sign in. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an industry standard for encrypting private data sent over the Internet. In other words, it helps keep your information safe!

A Look Inside ManyContacts


Let’s take a look!

ManyContacts is a simple and efficient drop-down contacts form that grabs site visitors’ attention and encourages them to take action on your website. The form is fully customizable by color, form field and text and the option to add an offer means higher conversion rates. Leads generated are data enriched, qualified and displayed conveniently in your Contacts Manager.

Data Enrichment

The enriched data ManyContacts collects on each contact can be accessed by clicking on their email address in the Contacts Manager. This will show you your contact’s social profiles, location, and IP, among other things, to help you judge the potential of each contact.

Easy Set Up

Click the Start here button to create an account. Set up your contact form by following the steps on the screen.

A/B testing

Choose your color, add or delete form fields and change the text. Add a link to a file (useful for a free offer), optimize with a photo or add a thank you message.

Easy to Install

Save your new contacts form, copy/paste the embed code into the footer of your website, ManyContacts will work right away; no developer necessary.

Contacts Manager

People that have used your ManyContacts bar will be added to a list in your Contacts Manager for later reference. Here you can determine a lead’s quality by its given star rating, see at a glance when contacts signed up, and compare data. When you gain a new contact an email notification will also be sent to you to facilitate a prompt follow-up.