WhatsApp multi-user
for service companies

Serve all your customers with multi-user WhatsApp for multi-service companies: incident management, repairs and fixes, contact with the union. Everything from the same WhatsApp number with all your employees connected.

Scale your sales

All multi-service companies that interact with their workers and the final customer should switch to multi-user WhatsApp for multi-service, this will make it easier for you to follow up with your workers and customers, immediate personalized attention, sending multimedia files that they facilitate the managemente of incidents, collaboration with your external and internal company workers of the company and many other functionalities, and many other features.
Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

Work as a team

People from each of your departments will be able to guide your clients in each phase of the sales process and collaborate by assigning notes, tasks and labels to the conversation.
All information is in one place and available to everyone.

Agility in your everyday life

Set up your quick responses to provide a solution to your customer in seconds.

Send voice notes.

Use our powerful search engine so you never miss a conversation.

With your own phone number

We integrate your current number with WhatsApp API. Additionally we can manage your incoming calls, convert them into text and transform them into a WhatsApp conversation.
Goodbye interruptions!

We can also provide you with a new number, you decide.

Risk free

We accompany you in the process and help you set up your phone number 100% free.
In addition, if you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund your money within the first 30 days.

Communicate like you always do

You won't have to learn anything, use ManyContacts just like you do with WhatsApp. Voice notes, emojis, photos, videos... everything is there, just worry about your customers.

Leave notes on conversations for other members of your team and they'll be prompted to review that client, or talk to them directly via internal chat. Organize agents by teams (Sales, Support, Store, Workshop, etc.) Schedule tasks and reminders for a contact.



Money Back guarantee: get refund if you are not 100% satisfied.


€35/month + VAT

  • WhatsApp API
  • 1 User free (+15€ per additional user)
  • All functionality
  • Unlimited contacts
  • 1000 conversations/month
  • Configuration of your phone number in WhatsApp API


€95/month + VAT

  • WhatsApp API
  • 5 Users (+15€ per additional user)
  • All functionality
  • Unlimited contacts
  • 1000 conversations/month
  • Configuration of your phone number in WhatsApp API


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  • Each additional user €15/month
  • All functionality
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Configuration of your phone number in WhatsApp API
  • Priority support

What do our customers say about us

"We serve our customers directly on WhatsApp and they love it: We open incidents, send quotes and even customers have the possibility of sending us images, voice notes, etc. We have streamlined our operations and increased sales by 20% per year"


Carlos García

Multiservice company in Navarra

"Communication with both clients and workers is much more organized and that allows us to monitor it well and be able to reach more people. Very happy with how the tool works, it has been a great success to start working with ManyContacts."


Marta Fernández

Insurance company in Seville

"I want to highlight the satisfaction of our customers, centralizing all conversations through WhatsApp has given us the possibility of considerably improving response and management time. From the first month we already began to notice the change"


Jose Ramón Martínez

General assistance company in Madrid

Contact with an independent expert

WhatsApp experts


Iván Fanego Herráez

AppCritic Founder




Sara Mas

Saramas Founder




Seve Luna

Seveluna Founder




Alba Criville

WhatsApp Marketing Specialist



Alejandro Caraballo Zamora

Mister WhatsApp Founder




Yes, you can use the phone number you already have for your business without any problem. It does not matter if it is landline, mobile or special rate.
We manage the registration process for WhatsApp API for free.
Yes. If you don't have a phone number we can provide you with a number from your country at the best price.
Contact us for more details.
In order not to generate an extra cost, our price plans grow as your business does.
Therefore, 1,000 conversations with your clients are included in your monthly fee at no additional cost. This is more than enough to manage your commercial work.
In case you exceed this number of conversations we will charge you only the number of conversations that you have exceeded.
The price per conversation is €0.03 if it is initiated by the client and €0.05 if it is initiated by the business.
A conversation includes all messages exchanged with the same number in the 24-hour window that starts when the conversation starts. After 24 hours the conversation closes and another one will open when receiving a new message.
No, all current and future product functionality is included in the price of the monthly fee for each plan.
You won't have to pay more to get the full power of ManyContacts.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your user panel.
There is no permanence.
If during the first month you are not satisfied, we will refund 100% of the fee you have paid. Guaranteed.
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