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Autosave email addresses while browsing

  • When the autosave feature is active, it will keep all the email addresses while you browse the web.
  • For each email saved, it collects the URL & date/time when it was found for the 1st time.
  • Unlimited access to this new feature requires to take a premium paid plan. To cancel your subscription send an email to and your subscription will be cancelled automatically.
  • When you activate "AUTOSAVE" for the first time, make sure you refresh the current tab you are visiting to save the email IDs from this page.
  • To make it work on several tabs, you have to visit/click each tab. You cannot "open a new tab" and close it before seeing the tab, otherwise it will not save the emails.
  • All the AUTOSAVED email addresses are stored in the cloud, you can download them in csv at anytime.
  • Do not use this feature to build spam lists.

Automation: Browse URL automatically

  • You paste a list of up to 1.000 URL in the widget, and you start the automation. A new tab will open and start visiting all the URL, one at a time, and will start autosaving all the email ID's found in those pages.
  • If you close the Automation Tab, the process will stop, but you can restart the process at any time.
  • When the 1.000 URL have been processed, you can launch a new batch of 1.000 new URLs.
  • Disclosure: some websites may block your account/IP if you scrap their pages. Example: linkedin will stop your account if you visit more than 1500 of their pages per day.